National Policy Affairs

ASU delivers expertise and cutting-edge ideas to national leaders and policy groups. National Policy Affairs represents ASU at the federal level and serves as the primary contact for Arizona's Congressional delegation in Washington, D.C., as well as local district offices in Arizona.

About National Policy Affairs

National Policy Affairs represents ASU at the national and federal levels. The office coordinates university-wide priorities through the development of the ASU federal agenda and is the primary contact for our Congressional delegation in Washington, D.C. as well as local district offices in Arizona. The office actively participates in national associations to advance issues of importance to ASU and serves as a resource to faculty and staff for federal-related endeavors. In addition, the office monitors the federal legislative process and works closely with relevant federal agencies.

National Policy Affairs is also responsible for submission of quarterly and semi-annual federal lobbying reports to the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate; therefore, it is the primary contact for all ASU faculty and staff required to submit such lobbying information.


Adam Deguire

Adam Deguire
Interim Vice President, Government Affairs


Whitney Riggs
Senior Director for Federal Relations



Arizona’s Congressional Delegation

Services for ASU Faculty and Staff

The Office of National Policy Affairs, is available to help ASU faculty and staff with all matters of federal-related business. Examples of support services include:

  • Responding to inquiries about representatives, federal agencies and federal processes.
  • Information about visiting the U.S. Capitol on ASU business.
  • Assistance engaging national organizations such as APLU, Council on Competitiveness, Commercial Spaceflight Federation and the U.S Chamber of Commerce.
  • Simplified online reporting of lobbying activity for faculty and staff

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U.S. Presidents and Cabinet Visits

Visits from U.S. Presidents

Jimmy Carter
July 31, 2015

Barack Obama
May 13, 2009

George W. Bush
October 13, 2004

George H.W. Bush
Picture available here
May 5, 1998

William J. Clinton
October 31, 1996

Ronald Reagan
March 20, 1989

Gerald R. Ford
February 24, 1984 

Lyndon B. Johnson
January  29, 1972

Richard Nixon
October 30, 1970

Gerald R. Ford
April 28, 1968

Theodore Roosevelt
Picture available here
March 20, 1911