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A fossil deposit discovery on Abaco Island in the northern Bahamas is helping to shed light on animal and plant life at the time of first human presence.
A change in the orbit of a NASA Mars spacecraft will give an ASU instrument systematic views of Mars around sunrise and sunset for the first time in more than a generation.
Sixteen-year-old Joey Hudy, a student at the Young Scholars Academy on ASU's West campus was invited to sit with First Lady Michelle Obama at the recent State of the Union Address in Washington, D.C.
While universities are excellent at solving narrow problems, new models are needed to accomplish broad social change, ASU President Michael Crow told a World Bank audience on Feb. 10.
Two national research projects to develop technologies that expand the capabilities of solar power systems will be led by engineers at ASU.
Throughout the month of March, ASU alumni across the nation will be participating in volunteer projects in their local communities as part of ASU Cares, a service initiative that encourages civic involvement among Sun Devils.
A team of researchers from ASU and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has begun exploring the relative effectiveness of some of the most common adaptation technologies aimed at reducing warming from urban expansion.
Arizona State University President Michael Crow will discuss how universities can be partners in global development.
For the first time, scientists have found a direct link between the degree of urbanization and the prevalence and severity of two distinct parasites in wild house finches.