North America's Semiconductor Moment

Semiconductors power all nations' digital economies. Semiconductor supply chain disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic—from cars to TVs to defense systems—also highlighted North America's dependence on chips made in East Asia. In response, the United States has committed $52 billion through the CHIPS and Science Act to bring home advanced semiconductor manufacturing and improve supply chain resilience. Mexico's geographic proximity, strong manufacturing sector, and favorable terms of trade uniquely position it to join the U.S.-led global semiconductor supply chain reshuffling. But can Mexico seize the moment? Join Future Tense and ASU’s Convergence Lab to discuss the tremendous opportunities for strengthening semiconductor supply chains across the United States and Mexico, as well as efforts to date and what lies ahead. 


Rina Pal-Goetzen
Director of Global Policy, Semiconductor Industry Association

David Talbot
Associate Director, Global Policy, Milken Institute

Gerardo Lameda
Head of Cooperation Affairs and Education
Embassy of Mexico in the United States


Kevin McGinnis
Managing Director, Strategic Technology Initiatives, ASU

March 15, 2023
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Future Tense