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Wednesday, April 14, 2021
How Will We Learn in the Future?

Amidst breakneck technological change, social upheaval, and environmental emergency, we need to rethink learning and education to prepare humanity to meet the challenges of a complex future. This...

Tuesday, April 13, 2021
Do Inventors Bear Responsibility for the Effects of Their Inventions?

Every year scientists who have made great inventions receive Nobel Prizes recognizing their “benefit to humankind.” Yet for all the profound ways scientific progress has impacted our lives, many...

Wednesday, April 07, 2021
Achieving Digital Equity in India, Pakistan, and Beyond

Digital inclusion is about having the right access, skills, motivation and trust to confidently go online. Today’s network infrastructure is the lifeline on which much of modern life depends....

Thursday, March 25, 2021
Lauren Redniss, Oak Flat: A Fight for Sacred Land in the American West

Oak Flat is a powerful work of visual nonfiction about three generations of an Apache family struggling to protect sacred land from a multinational mining corporation, by MacArthur “...

Wednesday, March 24, 2021
Local Journalism, Global Challenge

Reliable news and information has never been more important to the civic, economic, and literal health of our communities. Yet in too many places across North America, serious coverage of local...

Tuesday, March 16, 2021
What Does ‘Food Security’ Really Mean? Live on Twitter: Molly Jahn and Dan Sarewitz

Global security depends on everyone having enough food. Scientist Molly Jahn started her career inventing squashes and melons. But that work led her to wonder and worry about the security of...

Friday, March 12, 2021
Resisting a Coup: A Discussion with a Burmese Pro-Democracy Activist

On February 1, 2021, the internet across Burma’s major cities was shut down in what was the first step of the Burmese military seizing control of the Southeast Asian country in a military...

Friday, March 12, 2021
Authors & Insights: Josh Rogin and Ambassador Mark Green

Join the McCain Institute for International Leadership for its next installment of its book talk virtual series on Friday, March 12. This event will feature Washington Post Columnist and CNN...

Thursday, March 11, 2021
Renewal and Remaking of Democracy

On March 11th, the Center on the Future of War hosted a discussion with Craig Calhoun, ASU University Professor of Social Sciences, former director and president of the London School of...

Wednesday, March 10, 2021
Agent Sonya: The Most Consequential Spy in the History of Technology?

Ben Macintyre's latest riveting espionage history, Agent Sonya: Moscow’s Most Daring Wartime Spy,...

Monday, March 08, 2021
Disruptive Innovation Where You Least Expect It

"Disruptive innovation" is a term much in vogue these days to describe a lot of what happens in Silicon Valley. But large, complex organizations need to become adaptive learners across the...

Wednesday, March 03, 2021
The Meaning of Emoji

The internet isn’t just changing the way we use language—it’s changing how we think about it. And that includes the development of visible symbols like emojis. But emojis are governed through...